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The Repair of the Family parts 1 and 2
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What do you teach a child when both parents work?


What do you teach a child when you are a friend instead of a parent?


What do you teach a child without structured discipline?


These are a few of the points I will touch on in this article.

Children need to feel the commitment more and more from the parents, especially as they grow older. With out this, respect is never instilled. This is something that surrogates can not give, and over exposure to non family for up-bringing breed’s not only ill will but a lack of self-worth. When both parents work you are teaching the children that a standard of living is more important than a manner of living. This goes against all scripture, for you are paying more attention to the temporal and less to the eternal. Children come through us and belong to the DIVINE. We as parents are given charge over these souls, which are saplings that need to grow into proper trees. A sapling that is raised, nurtured, protected, fed, and taught properly becomes a strong tree that aids and adds to the forest. The forest devours a sapling that is not raised properly.


A home with out love and its many facets is just a building.


Love is the parental bow, the children the arrow, and GOD is the target.


The family bond is extremely important. When both parents work the children lose the bonds of a strong family unit and look to replace those bonds in other ways. Children that are adopted or raised in orphanages form bonds also, either with their new parents or with the group in the orphanage. In the case of the orphanage, as the child develops, the child understands that outside events that were uncontrollable caused that situation, thus there is less rebellion if the orphanage is run properly. However the child that has parents that do not prioritize the manner over the standard cause a lot of guilt and shame to set in, not only in the children, in them as well. This guilt and shame start out small and become the proverbial snowball that grows into the avalanche as it picks up momentum while it journeys downhill. The only way to combat this is through sacrifice.  Scale down if need be and you will find that it is not a sacrifice at all; it is a duty to the Divine calling of parentage.


If you teach a child life will be better when the new toy arrives, the child will never be able to experience contentment, nor be able to handle life’s challenges later on. The child at that point is focusing on the external, which is temporal instead of the internal, which is the true Divine extension of God that we are.


To many parents want their children to like them instead of respect them. Children need parents to set structural guidelines in order to be raised with, instilled respect.


If you are your children’s friend when they need a parent you will never be their friend later on, for they will resent what you did not do for them in the way of parental instruction.


Remember, a child’s first exposure to God until they grow older is the parent or parents.


Please know this; you cannot have a Divine outcome without Divine actions.


Without proper discipline, when children grow up they seek to balance which is why a majority end up in an overly abusive relationship. When proper discipline is instilled they will have a balance and seek such in a life partner. Gaps and voids in the child, then the adult causes void filling. Because people grow at different rates, the void fill relationship that is sought out becomes temporary. The child, then adult that have more balance and understanding seeks enhancement. With enhancement comes the true understanding of marital vows for the growth of both partners.

With the Divine there are only solutions,

therefore problems are only temporary when one chooses to:


Always take the time, and make the time,

to focus on, contemplate, internalize, and reflect the Divine.


The Repair of the Family

(part two)

 Love, Divine love and its many facets must be understood. To many parents place friendship and materialism above real parenting because of ignorance. When a being places work or material possessions/toys above Divine love of another, that being is placing more physical body identification on this world and themselves. When that transpires they are unable to see themselves for whom and what they truly are, thus their actions are unable to correlate.


 Fear and ignorance stem from body identification, work identification, emotional identification, and mental identification. People are, parents are, identifying with everything except whom and what we truly are. When one KNOWS they are not their bodies, work, emotions, or mind their actions take on a Divine nature. Then Divine love is truly known and actions correlate. When actions correlate to the Divine nature of whom and what we truly are we are at that point part of a solution taking action that most of the time is not understood by the beings caught up in worldly body, work, emotional, and mental identifications of external phenomena. That is to say external from the spirit that we are. For what we truly are is a Molecular Flame in the Heart and Mind of the Divine. Our Divine energies encompass the external which is where the egoic confusion takes place. Once we truly understand whom and what we truly are, we view the external differently not getting caught up in it. This is done by starting to understand the flow of God’s creative energy from source. The flow of God's creative energy is outward, from the source, which itself is God. We as Divine extensions are caught up in this outward flow; that is why we find it easy to be external and externally related, especially with our senses. Once this is understood, it is easy to understand the importance of this knowledge. For if we are parallel and symbiotic with God's outflow, as long as we flow out we can never see God except as impersonal creations containing God's personal energy which entwines all. This tells me that in order to find source, or God, we must move in the opposite direction. Thus, we can turn around and see the Divine One working in us and all things. Thus facing God; by going within. This is another reason why taking the time to develop a momentum of heart connecting and going with in is so important.


 Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth touching the back of your top teeth. Focus your eyes on your minds eye. Place both hands on your heart chakra hand on top of hand - take deep diaphragmatic breaths relaxing on the exhale. Recite slowly in the mind the word love or the tone Aum or your favorite name of the Divine over and over again. Do this when you first get up for 20 minutes and again before you go to bed.

 Do this not for self, do this for the highest greatest good God of all. Do this with devotion of by and for the Divine. So you may grow into Divine servitude. Do these techniques for 21 days with sincerity and during that time period and after let me know what transpires?


 When true Identification starts to emerge the parents as the first interaction of Divinity from a child’s stand point will make more sense. Then the child will grow to embrace the Divine and not rebel. Thus maturing into a functioning Divine being instead of a fear based alone little bubble floundering in the sea of worldliness unable to feel love a majority of the time. Feeling only glimpses of love and worldly glimpses or worldly machinations of such at best. With true Identification the ego is diminished to a sliver and the l is added back to the alone awakening the being to the all-one, all-oneness, wholeness holiness of themselves, others, and all things.


 A facet of love that most parents today miss is because they were exposed to a hard or to harsh of a structured discipline, thus the pendulum has swung to far over and no structured discipline or not enough is taking place. With out this key ingredient the sapling grows crooked and unaware of cause and effect. Or the other facet is a loving bond while disciplining so the child knows what is being done is for their own good. Children instinctively feel this especially when no abuse is there for it resonates with their conscious. When that happens they are more accepting of the cause and effect and learn from it.

With this type of learning real nurturing is there and the child grows with a sense of fullness, wholeness, Holiness of self. When this does not take place the child grows with voids and seeks other voided beings or external stuff to fill the voids it feels, thus leading to external survival modes that are fear based and void filling that is toxic for itself and others. By not knowing their true Divine Power problems occur; Since Power and Creation are synonymous, when you distort Power into power, you automatically turn Creation into creation. Thus, you create with the ego, which is the self-destructive force of un-creation causing turmoil in the self and world around you. What is destructive to self is also destructive to others, since I and you and we are ONE: for example, Creations do not seek to harm self or environment; creations seek to harm self or environment, and since the ego is or can be very illusive and/or insidious in its ways and means, so are the creations of such.

 Creation and Power are facets of God energy, along with Love and Wisdom. When you allow the ego to rule and have creation, you also get love with the little "l", which is the mental-emotional love, not the Love or substance of the universe. It is the little love that seeks to conjoin with ego power for self's own end, once more turning Love into creation, disregarding the Oneness of all and enforcing self as separate and alone instead of the true Self as ALL ONE.


I hope you enjoyed reading this brief yet concise summation that can steer one in a God qualified direction if you allow it. Then you also can repair the family of yourself first and with that if allowed can effect positive change on those around you.


I could go on writing about this more so, however I do believe I have covered enough points to make one think and hopefully act.


 Sincerely, with love, your, Jnandji


Jnanda Moksha Brahmananda





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