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Class on dealing with disappointment
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Class on dealing with disappointment:


Class on dealing with disappointment

Does disappointment predispose a judgment? Or is being disappointed a judgment unto itself? The third scenario is: could disappointment be a discernment of dissatisfaction?

This class will look at all the facets of this word both from a loving then fear based perspective to gain a better Jnana understanding of how to deal with this mental emotional construct so real healing can take place.

Because all healing is the individual’s responsibility I will ask you questions and have you do the investigation on yourself.

Step one: List a few types of disappointment i.e. disappointing scenarios / events and get in tune with how you allowed that energy to make you feel.

Step two: Sort out the ones that were externally caused by a being or beings from outside yourself to those that had a firsthand causation or you had a more responsible factor of. Then find the ones that you feel were jointly created.

Step three: Feel deeply all aspects of all of them and see how you tie in no matter what the scenario is. See yourself as putting yourself there so you take full responsibility for your part of your feelings.

Step four: Think of them while doing the effective prayer and release them.


I AM releasing all that I am, all that I have, and all fear energy to the Christ Light.

I AM accepting GOD’S Holy energies in return, filling all voids in the being that I AM.

I AM a being of Christ Light.

I AM radiating Christ Light from the heart center throughout the being that I AM.

I AM radiating Christ Light from the heart center to everyone.

I AM radiating Christ Light from the heart center to everything.

I AM in a bubble of Christ Light, and only Christ Light can come to me, and only Christ Light can be here.

Thank you God for everything; and for everyone; and for me, Yay!

Whatever is left is discernment of the situation or situations that the mental emotional ego bodies got hold of and judged. So now as you can see the events more clearly from a Divine Jnana perspective what is left is just data once more on what to do, what not to do, how to be or how not to be.

Once more I know by writing this like this I make this self endeavor sound easy…well I hope it is just what it is for each of you. A way to whittle away the ego more so contentment can be more easily gained and God qualified action prevail.

1-I wonder how many decisions by people in worldly authority were made while feeling the fear based feeling of disappointment and dissatisfaction and what it leads to.

2-I wonder how many world leaders made a loving decision based on being dissatisfied with the suffering of their / God’s people.

To me the state of this world shows it is quite obvious that the 1st statement rules. For only ego creations harm self and others.

Divine creations aid in soul evolution and growth which at times can have a destructive nature but only for the good God of all.

“Divine knowledge only overcomes ego by action. When action of Divine knowledge takes place deeper understanding comes and better discernment of how to be a better systems buster or a Divine enhancement that truly aids in soul evolution takes place.”

“See the world for what it is. Know whom and what you truly are. Then take the actions needed for Divine change both internally and externally.”

Forever in service,
Jnanda Moksha Brahmananda

Soul evolution via the 4 main yogas of life.

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