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  I sat with my Satguru (“which means Holy Man whom teaches union with GOD; Dispeller of darkness/ignorance”. In the Sanskrit language) today and asked him to give me a dissertation on patience to help me with my presentation to you today. Afterwards, I said to him, “Jnanda, I feel like I’ll be cheating because those are your words not mine.” And he said,” Am I cheating because I take the time to open my ears and hear what the Divine One wants to say and relay it to the congregation?” He said,” God is the doer of all things.” My Satguru made the choice to respond to my choice to speak to this congregation. He chose to be a conduit, to open his ears to what God wanted to say and relay that to me, so I could relay this to you. He said,” This is not cheating, this is Divine energy flow.” So here is what he said:

Patience is the only tool one needs. It is a fruit of the spirit, (Galatians 5:22). Everything that is wrong with this world is here because of lack of patience. Patience being a fruit of the Spirit, feeds the Spiritual, Godly momentums. The opposite of patience is frustration. Frustration is the fruit of the ego and of the flesh. Frustration leads to irrationality, anger, fear and its many facets. Patience leads one to fortitude, forbearance, Love and Love’s many facets.

“I want my new toy and I want my new toy now, because life will be better when my new toy arrives.” This is an egoic lie straight from the pits of hell!  What would each and every one of you do if all the fast food restaurants shut down?

If the DIVINE ONE opened a “Slow Food Restaurant”, which one of us would sit there long enough to partake of God’s food?

If patience is a virtue then lack of patience is a shame. People get aggravated in grocery lines. People get aggravated in gas lines. We don’t like to pull up to a place and wait five minutes.

Each one of us needs to carry a pocket New Testament and each time we have to wait in line we must pop it open and read it! Every time we are in line!

Without patience one cannot find the stillness or silence, which is necessary to hear, see and feel the DIVINE ONE. Without patience, the mountain climber makes mistakes, which can ultimately lead to failure when approaching the mountain of Spirituality and Growth. A mountain climber’s best tool is patience, for without it, frustration, then despair set in, he missteps, falls, and the climb is anything but easy. It is full of difficulty, torture, pain and worldly suffering.

With patience, you move slowly enough through life so that the DIVINE ONE is working through you and with you for your individual growth and pathway to HEAVEN. The minute you let frustration set in, you create a wall of fear based energies that continuously placate your self with the fruits of the flesh and feed your self with frustrative fear, thus increasing the ego and fear-based walls around you. All the while the DIVINE ONE waits patiently for you to tear this wall down.

Can God work with somebody who is full of frustration, which is feeding the fruits of the flesh? No! God will however, allow that person to learn the hard way. Only after God tears that person down and builds them anew, is God able to work with that person. If that’s the path you choose, and you choose to make God tear you down (which is the hard way) it will be more painful than the easier path of allowing God and asking God to build you anew.  Willingness to work with God is ease and patience, and unwillingness to work with God is fear and frustration. The choice is yours because choice is truly the only thing we own.

We patiently grow to the point when we have enough dominionship to invoke our God given choice of Love and it’s many facets…or fear and it’s many facets. Without patience Moses never would have received the Ten Commandments. Without patience, the people below fell into a spirit of rebellion and got busted by God’s messenger. Thus they were made to wander for a generation until all were wiped out who witnessed the blasphemous outcome of non-patience (except for Moses and his core group: Joshua, Aaron, their wives and a few others.)

Without patience we succumb to the world and worldliness. With patience we succumb to God and Godliness. How do we increase our patience? By putting forth a strong concerted effort to see the light at the end of this worldly existence. Invoking within us, which is our birthright and choice, obedience to God’s laws. Lack of patience is lack of obedience to God. Lack of Love is lack of obedience to God. Lack of anyone of the fruits of the spirit is lack of obedience to God, for God is made up of all these things and we are made in His Image. Therefore, all these things are available to us by a concerted effort to do right, to do good, to do God and to make right choices. The next time you are placed in frustrating situation, choose to invoke the Divine Pick-Axe of patience and chip away at the ice of fear that turns the heart cold.

Without patience you cannot put the thread through the eye of a needle, and all people could get angry attempting to put the thread through the needle. Remember what Isa / Jesus said “It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than to get a rich man into the Kingdom of Heaven.” The rich man fears he clings onto the world. The rich man is frustrated when things don’t go his way. The rich man is frustrated when one of his many cars brakes down. The rich man is frustrated when the stock market roller coasters. The rich man is frustrated when whatever he wants is not available to him right now. Not all but a majority of the rich are possessed by their possessions, thus forgetting that the DIVINE is the owner of all things and gives us stewardship of what HE owns.

 So, how can a rich man be Godly? It is up to the rich man to maintain patience. It is up to the rich man to use his money properly and to maintain proper stewardship of his money. A man who has not completed his first works and becomes rich is different than a man who has completed his first works and becomes rich. Once more the difference is the person who hasn’t completed their first works ends up possessed by possessions. They would not recognize the Lord if He knocked on their door and said “Leave everything and come with me.” Jesus said (see Mathew 10:34-38) “And he that not taketh his cross and follow after me, is not worthy of me.” The only way you can follow a Divine embodiment of patience is with patience. How can you follow God who is all things, including patience, if you do not have patience? Patience begets patience, only if you make the choice, to be the only begotten sons and daughters of God that you are, will patience then manifest.

Lack of patience is lack of discernment. Without discernment spiritual growth is like trudging through the swamps of life. So, patience ultimately leads one to discernment, therefore one is able to recognize God’s will over their will. Thus they are able to live Jesus’ most powerful edict, “Not my will but thine be done.” Since God’s Will is the fruit of the Spirit, then the start of patience and discernment is living the fruits of the spirit. For how can you be a follower if you are not a practitioner?

REMEMBER, choice is the DIVINE GIFT GOD has given you. Place your hands on your heart and say with me now: I am choosing patience. I am choosing Love. I am choosing to pick up my individualized cross of worldly burdens, that with patience, will strengthen me. So in the end I will be found Holy, Worthy, Perfected, and Acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. Amen.

Forever in Service,

Isreom Ishov


Jnanda Moksha Brahmananda

P. O.  Box 1813

Orlando, Fl. 32802-1813


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