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Purpose / Perseverance / Patience
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Essential aspects of good communication:
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2007 - 2008


Purpose / Perseverance / Patience



 What is life without truly knowing the Divine purpose of soul-evolution?  How can any being overcome the slightest of obstacles without perseverance? With out patience can one really with stand the frustrations that this present age has brought to bare in the way of misguided compassion, lack of real justice and the decline of socialization? These three P’s are so very necessary to a person’s well being that with out even just one of them any individual takes the risk of falling prey to the norms of un-society. I use this term for I have read the definition of society in the dictionary and I say if you think we are truly living in one you are delusional. What we as humans have come to understand as contemporary society is a far cry from the unity that once was the norm in this country; which now only crops up in disasters and even then the poorest of the poor, lower middle class and minorities are left wondering what has become of real society?


 Youth because of improper parenting has fallen prey to unstructured discipline and rebellions to the point were most thinking they have no responsibility of actions or consequence of behavior they will simply get away with what ever. Then if an adult makes a stand with one of them they are threatened with lawsuits. Our teachers in some schools out of fear of reprisal allow too much to go on that the classroom has become an enabling ground of the demise of society.


 I have seen small clusters of beings grouping to evoke change how ever the momentum that is in play right now calls for the numbers to be a lot larger and the spiritual force much greater. I say this because even in those groups I have seen most are in it for their own ego / comfort to void fill and look good to others in the way of external actions.


 So, what are we to do? What ever we can with what we know to not only mold and sculpt properly the youths in our lives but to grow spiritually enough to start effecting change on an energy level; from the subtle to the gross.


 You who are my students are already doing this and I thank you. For to undergo the training you have and to keep implementing it you have to have been using the three P’s and then some.


Love, your Jnandaji




Since all existence is God energy in action what isn't spiritual?


This is what needs to be taught not the fission of difference or secular or spiritual and worldly, but the fusion of Wholeness, Holiness, and Oneness that the worldly is composed of spiritual energy and you cannot have a Divine/Love outcome with out a Divine/Love action. People who are steeped in duality need to know karmic recompense and responsibility of actions. Then the road to liberation and transcendence can take place via the combination of bhakti-karma yoga for house holders. If house holders are taught separation then there plight seems futile at best.

Because of time constraints on Raja yoga practices, the mix of Bhakti-Karma yoga is essential for them or soul evolution could not take place.


Karma Yoga Statement


I am dedicating my work to the Divine for the highest greatest good God of all. All actions and outcomes of the work I do I am releasing to the Divine. My job, according to Krishna, the work that is done through me by God is a spiritual discipline and as such aids me in soul evolution.



 Love, your Jnandaji




If there is nothing to defend is there anything to attack?


If a being allows and does not defend does this stop the attack?


These are questions for a soul level response for in order for life to be truly precious the soul must be more precious for the soul / atma is eternal and the body temporal. Until Real Liberation Occurs every body gets a new body sooner or later. What matters is how, where, and what as do you want to embody. The karma of your thoughts-words-and-actions, dictate these.


So once more…


If there is nothing to defend is there anything to attack?


If a being allows and does not defend does this stop the attack?



Not necessarily, how ever the being that is not caught up in it is able to stay centrist and not add to the attack by creating more karma.


If an opponent is attacking a fort and all surrender what happens to the attack?


Well it may or may not persist depending on the outlook of the leadership and the karmas underplay.


On a personal level by opening up and allowing, the situation gets diffused and once the other being’s mind has been spoken they are left with an opening that can be filled with peace, if you are centrist enough to see, feel, and perceive what to say or just radiate the right type of energy.


Perceived attacks are just calls for help as is attacking those back causes escalation.


So as you see, perceive, and discern grow into the awareness of:


If there is nothing to defend there is, nothing to attack.


Love, your Jnandaji




Are you a body? Are you your emotions? Are you the thoughts that swirl around in the mind? Are you the job/career you have? Are you a molecular flame in the heart and mind of the Divine with a soul sphere on this plain of existence having a human experience? Do you have a choice to choose love or fear? Do you have a choice to stop the progression of creating misqualified karmic energy? Do you allow the senses to drag you to and fro? Are you the charioteer holding the reigns of the 5 senses as the five horses pull thee body chariot? Is the body chariot pulling the senses with you dragging behind?


How one answers these questions is very important. For a person who does not know the way is like a canoe with out paddles on the current of life.


Remember it is the ego that steals an l from the all-one creating the alone. It is up to the individual to replace the stolen l so the all-oneness is returned.


This stolen l is Divine Love and its many facets.


The L is found or returned when thoughts, words and actions correlate with Divine energy flow for growth.


Exercise: Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil then number 4 rows of 27. This = 108. Then slowly in this order think the word love, speak the word love, then write the word love. Doing this exercise helps one put energy flow into better alignment so thoughts words and actions correlate. The number 108 stands for: 1 = the unity of God’s love, 0 = the wholeness, Holiness of God’s love, and the 8 = the infinity of God’s love.


After doing this for several days you will start noticing shifts. Do not be discouraged if it is hard at first; be encouraged knowing it is aiding you in soul-evolution.


Love, your Jnandaji




This is a response to one of my students question concerning self talk and how to diffuse critical or non loving thoughts. Note: This can also be applied to external situations when working with people.




Inner Dialogue and Growth


When dialogue occurs realize the fight not to listen to the harsh voice perpetuates it. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum it needs to be acknowledged so it can then start to de-escalate. “I am acknowledging what you are saying and let it go.” This will diffuse it faster and bring about the ability to choose easier the calming voice of Divine reason-discernment rather then judgment.


The two main categories of internal dialogue are love and fear: Discernment as a facet of love and judgment as a facet of fear. Discernment as what to do, what direction to take, what type of action in a loving way to be an enhancement to myself and others; whereby judgment will have condemnation in it thus bringing about fear and its many facets.


As one practices the de-escalation in the form of acknowledgment and letting go one gets better at it. Like all things it takes time and momentum building. This is where patience with self is necessary.


Part of the letting go process is also self forgiveness when you have acknowledged the stern voice from an action you did. “I love you, I forgive you, I forgive myself, and I am acknowledging you, thanking you and letting you go.”


Some times taking this extra step is needed to debunk / de-escalate the ego inner voice of judgment.


Remember when you wrestle / struggle with something you are feeding it energy.


When you acknowledge and release you are diffusing the situation.


Love, your Jnandaji


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