Fission to Fusion: Ascension Training Data
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Essential aspects of good communication:
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Fission to Fusion: Ascension Training Data

This data is for the advanced student  /  master that has developed Divine discernment and knowledge. "If one judges one judges themself; if one discerns one whittles away the ego through love and embracing all with love and its many facets.".-Jnanda- "When one does this one is able to see Divine knowledge in all forms for growth"


Prologue and Epilogue

1. Without a very strong Godly momentum based in Fusion, even the slightest ego placation can detract enough from spirit, slowing momentum and quite possible lead one to fission thoughts and actions.

 Fusion is the wholeness, Holiness and oneness of all creation. Fusion is Love and its many facets. Fusion is God Power, Wisdom, and Love in Balance. Fusion is Discernment, Fission is Judgment. The act of Fission is the Parameterization, and compartmentalization of Gods Holy energies of by and for the ego.

 God as the father/mother of all creation cannot fit in a box of one religion. Only through ego/energy veils of misunderstandings does this take place.

2. Beings who operate with ego fission energies would rather rule in an astral or nether worldly plain, even if it is a false illusion rule, than serve the Heavenly which is a true ruling over the astral, mental, emotional bodies and the denser physical nether worldly bodies.

 Yes, all is one. However, without the wisdom and discernment of fusion, beings can have a tendency to Judge Destruction with ego, missing the fact that Divine Destruction helps unify. With Divine Destruction of fission momentums the soul or souls caught up in such eventually experience Humility, Remorse, and Sincerity. With these three necessary ingredients of soul-evolution the soul, or souls, now can start a fusion creative cycle instead of perpetuating a fission creation that divides and cause one to feel alone not unifying and feeling the all-oneness.

3. The more one attunes to fusion energy the more one is able to preserve Divine momentums. By souls experiencing Fission momentums of divide and conquer, yet holding strong to a Fusion way of life in thought, word, and deed, souls burn away through trial by fire misqualified fission created Karmas, allowing the Divine ONE to purify in this sacred transmutation fire so you are re-made.

This remaking is a fusion Joint effort of God and Man to God in man, man in God.

 This remaking is the Divine alchemical action transmuting using fusion energy the Grey to Gold- Lead to Gold - clay to Gold. The fallen of fission momentums to the ascending fusion of true Divinity. This is a manual of fusion.

I will hold nothing back in this book. This book is not for the placation of the ego.

                           Forever in Service,


“Finding something interesting is the spark that can ignite the flame of desire to experience.”

Chapter 1

 When the super soul - God - created individualized souls a fission momentum was created.

When the Divine ONE created planes of existence outside of the God plane of origin, a fission momentum was created. All this took place and takes place within the ball of time.

 As the newly created souls left the God plane of origin to experience the play of Divine creation in the multiverse, many of them got caught up in the fission momentum. This getting caught up in fission momentum is the act of souls desiring to create as God did which is impossible. For God is the doer of all things. God creates through God’s creations. It is the soul’s act of wanting to create which created the ego. However, not all souls created got caught up in this depart into the fission momentum flow.

 The ego stems from desire. The ego is a fission momentum that causes aloneness and energy veils that cause souls to feel apart and separate.

The souls that did not get caught up in the fission momentum became agents of, by, and for the Divine to be world or plain bridges or “Bridgers”. One third of these sent out to aid planetary star systems were themselves caught up in fission ego momentums. These next several pages will tell their account as it was given to me by my beloved brother Isa.

 Approximately 2.5 million years ago when Lucifer and Satan, along with their legions of angels first came out of the high Heavens by direct order to help Human Kind, they were shocked to see what conditions had developed. As the shock set in the notion of serving beings they perceived to be less than them seemed ridicules. The shock set in momentums of Judgment which set in motion the perception of less than because of certain actions. This is when their energy veil and ego first developed. Then the sliver which grew from why to NO occurred, for they couldn’t see with that little change in perception that took place Humans equality of soul. For Lucifer and Satan judged the soul colorations and aura spectrums as darker so therefore inferior. This took place by only looking at actions first then the aura and soul sphere 2nd. (That is why my brother taught Love the being, dislike the sin or action that causes de-evolutionary fission momentums so you yourself do not get caught up in fission.)

 By this momentum action their thoughts of no turned into a stronger momentum action of rebellion to prove their point.

This took place or started in the low ethers, high astral then out to the Earth plain then beyond.

Souls who need Divine remembrance and have once more developed Humility, Remorse, and Sincerity, but still have Karmas to work out are allowed to go to the etheric schools. There they are bathed in light which is God’s Love and information. This light helps heal and awaken them so when they re-embody to work out Karmas, shifts into higher wave lengths of Divine fusion Love can once more occur.

Once the fission Karmas have been worked out or balanced, by fusion momentums and the Divine frequency is in the forefront of the souls 4 lower bodies, then a high level of Purity is once more gained. Then as transitioning occurs the God plain of origin is once more entered by that soul.

Souls - Angels - Beings aren’t cast out of Heaven, for Heaven is a monality plain. They weren’t cast out; they were not allowed back in.

ONE cannot enter the ethers, or re-enter the Ethers, until one of two things occur, Balancing of a minimum of 51% of their Karma, or a dispensation for retraining purposes.

 The light plain requires an even higher percentage of Karmic balancing and Heavenly adherence until finally the soul is ready for reemergence or mergence in the God plain of origin, the highest Heaven. In the heavenly plains, which are a monality where only love resides, Rebellion cannot exist; only a different perspective of problem solving or looking at a situation, with another facet of the whole. Rebellion can only exist in duality.

 Sometimes, however, souls that haven’t developed enough Humility, Remorse, and Sincerity, and also have a strong momentum of egoic fission, need to de-evolute into the lower, or outer, plains in order to get their Karmic lessons. De-evolution from Human to lower or outer Plain Life forms is Rare but Does occur.

The ego fission is perpetuated all over this plain of existence. Most Religious organizations are themselves the doer of this deed out of their own ignorance. For nothing placates the ego more than Judgment of Self, and others, or thinking, and or believing my religion is right and everyone else’s is wrong. It is up to the individual to break themselves out of religious cult mentality, and see the fusion, wholeness, Holiness, and oneness of all Roads of Love lead to God, and all Roads of Fear lead away from God. All Roads of Fusion/Love lead to God, all Roads of Fission/Fear away from God. It’s up to the individual to find the common thread fabric of truth in God’s Religions. Then build on it till it becomes a rope one can use to pull ones self up with, out of the Quagmire of Religious dogma, Cultism, superstition and fission egoic Parameterization - compartmentalization. This process of pulling one’s self is the debunking of the ego and the piercing of the energy veils that keeps one from knowing whom and what one truly is, which is a molecular flame in the heart and mind of God, The Divine ONE.

Without this step people think and believe they’re less than by getting caught up in fission thought processes of Body Identification, Job Identification, Emotional or Mental Identification basically Identifying with everything and anything that is separate and apart of the whole; Thus separate and alone instead of Holiness and all-one.

The ether and light plains are now used as buffers and retraining grounds.

Charts of Plains Both Higher – Inner / Lower - Outer


Crown           7        Heavenly Plains      elements


3rd eye         6          Light Plains         light

Throat          5          Etheric Plains       ether

Heart-          4          High astral          air 

(Mental body)

Solar Plexus-   3          Mid Astral           fire

(Higher emotional body)

Naval-          2          Low Astral            water

(lower emotional body)

Base of the    1           (Top plain or 1st     earth

Spine (physical body)     plain of the

                          nether regions)


Ascended or original       Intermediate         Fallen

God Qualified chakra         

Colors are                    7 yellow      (violet whitish pink)

Opal-White fire core gold                                                   

                              6 green           indigo

                              5 blue            blue

                              4 pink            green

                              3 purple/yellow   yellow

                                                        2 violet         orange

                                                        1 white          red

Please know when I use the term Father it is for father-Mother God; for The Divine One is ALL Encompassing.

(Inner plains chart)

 Souls with enough humility, remorse, sincerity cycle from the earth plain to the higher plains past the astral. Souls that are developing those ingredients and call upon an enlightened soul or avatar for help cycle the same way. Souls that are luke warm, wishy washy, and or have astral controlling momentums cycle through the astral and getting stuck; some getting fooled and kidnapped by Light imposters and then taken to the lower and astral plains.

Souls with strong fission egoic animal de-evolutionary momentums cycle from the Earth plain to the other lower and outer plains of the nether regions. The nether region has 4 main plains with sub divisions on each one.


                     Exiting and                             Attributes and momentums

                                                Recycling point                                  of monality of light and love

Heavenly                                crown                                     Illumination                7

Light                                       3rd eye                                     Divine Sight               6

Etheric                                                Throat                                     Divine Love                5

High astral     air                    Heart                                      Direct Cognition        4

Mid astral       fire                   Solar Plexus                            Will Power                  3

Low astral      water              Naval                                      Reason                                    2

Nether region /           earth  /                        Root Chakra                           Pivoting point of and for       1                                                                             memory, time and space Karmic balancing

1st plain             Mammals                    Hips                                      Fear and lust              1

2nd plain                                  Thighs                                     Raging anger              2

  Carnivores                            Knees                                      Retaliatory Jealousy   3

3rd plain                                  Calves                                        Prolonged Confusion          4

Reptiles                                               Ankles                                     Selfishness                  5

4th plain                                               Feet                                         Absence of conscience    6

 Insects                                                Soles of feet                             Malice/Murder                       7

Pits/Abyss                                                                               Monality of Darkness           

 As souls cycle lower they pick up or have 1 or more of the fallen momentums depending on how low or far they cycle and or de-volute.

The Rescue Mission –

that ended up needing a Rescue Mission:

 Before the Earth was populated its current population came from other star system planets, mainly Orion and Pleiades star systems. Other star systems contributed also, but in a lesser degree concerning soul count not necessarily soul Quality. A lot of souls came here to help, especially after the fall of Lucifer and Satan and the angels that were sent out with them.

On Orion Lucifer and Satan, and a few others earned the right of soul immortality. What that means is basically this; they cannot be lake of fired or lose soul individuality in any way by energy absorption. However, they can be stripped of all external bodies and correlating momentums; Thus making a fresh new soul start of soul evolution. This has already been done to Satan first then Lucifer. The explanation of that will come later in this book.

 Once the fall and rebellion of Satan and Lucifer and those Angels that followed them occurred; a new call for aid and assistance went out. The Lords of Light and Love in office at that time regarding this world system knew that if not enough energy of Love was pumped onto and into this planet it would end up like Mars, or the asteroid Belt formerly Meldik. Humans at that point were de-evoluting into lower life forms at an incredible rate. Then a great soul Named Sannet Kumara and the Holy Kumaras answered the call for help. The soul known as Babaji is one of those Holy Kumaras. He is the Kumara corresponding to the base of the spine or root chakra of the white ray of preservation which is one of the reasons he never ages.

The Kumaras came here directly from the higher plains never having to work their way up from, or with ego.

Their plan was to hold this Planet in the Light of God’s Love and perfection until enough souls grew into ascended mastery thus being able to hold this world on their own.

The estimated time for this was 10,000 years to their calculation. It took until the Buddha ascended, roughly 2.5 million years. (*note)

Their egoless perception of problem solving led to their miscalculation and others. The worst miscalculation was in the handling of Lucifer and Satan along with the allowance of the Nephelim Beings from a more advanced star system to come here and run amuck. What I mean by that is the Kumaras where more concerned about everybody getting lessons instead of what was happening to the masses in the way of suppression and Laggardly bondage. The Kumaras wanted Lucifer and Satan and the angels that fell with them, along with the Nephelims, to see the error in their ways by allowing them to generate enough misqualified karmas that is would eventually come back on them in Humbling experiences. This process works sometimes and sometimes it does not. But the rescuers plotted out this course of action once more without knowledge of the ego or workings thereof. As a result the 10,000 years took 2.5 million.


 Please remember and know this - “The Divine ONE allows and witnesses, and as conscience dictates, appoints and allows souls to grow and learn.  The Father Mother God welcomes all home who choose to do so and leaves in ignorance to become un-ignorant.  Since the Divine dwells within all beings, God is always home within us and us with him.  When ignorance is defeated, we know this whole heartedly. Always remember “From a pinprick of Divine light galaxies are born.” “Everything dwells in the Heart and Mind of God.”

  If the Divine fixed everything for us we who still dwell with ignorance would cause things to return to the way they were.  That is why God teaches us in such a way to remind us of our Divine Nature so we can take the highest path and make the corrections within to manifest them on the outside or external worlds. “Outward manifestation is a product of inwardness of Divinity, or ignorance thereof.”




 The trinity has and always will exist as attributes and stations of the Divine. As beings grow and evolve they can and may earn the right to hold a station or office. It takes many, many embodiments to fine tune a soul for the selfless servitude of holding an office or station. Building a momentum of God will, good will, is a requirement also.  In fact there are many requirements, the two I listed are but a few, however, they are two of the most important.

Father=              Vishnu=              Preservation

Son=                 Brahma=               Creation

Holy Spirit=         Shiva=               Destruction 

Maha Chohan

Shiva                                Vishnu Father

Chohans           Rays & Colors         Elohims

Yellow               crown               same  

Green                3rd eye              same

Blue                 throat              same

Pink                 heart               same

Purple/yellow        solar plexus        same

Violet               navel               same

White                root                same


 The station of Shiva: Maha Chohan is unique for it is Governed by both Vishnu Brahma consciousness, however, Father’s will, will always supersede. The Shiva station is unleashed to Destroy misqualified energies, and in doing so help Balance Karmas. Also, because Vishnu and Brahma both work through the Shiva station so does Preservation and Creation.


The Elohims are directly under the Father working with the Maha Chohan and the elements and are the Hierarchs of the elemental kingdoms. They are also a back up for if all else fails/rebels, the Elohims will be sent forth to re-establish order from the chaos of rebellion.

*The Buddha is one of the Father’s divine incarnations as an avatar. It was at that time period not so much because of, for if God wanted all would be fixed at once, but no lessons would be learned. By the time of the Buddha’s ascension there was enough Love to release the Kumaras if they wanted. Most of them stayed also to serve and learn for a while before departing. The white ray Kumara is the only one left here now.

Sincerely, your Jnandaji Namaste’

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