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The Repair of the Individual
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Essential aspects of good communication:
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The Repair of the Individual

(Part One)


Viewing Things in Perspective


What Lays Ahead on the Journey  

The Repair of the Individual

(Part One)


 Communication is a bridge to any successful relationship that will inevitably help one whittle the ego which will result in enlightenment.


 Without this key ingredient real/true emotional affinity is never gained and people who stay in relationships with out this do so because of fear and its many facets.


 With this key ingredient one knows with out having to guess what needs to be done to be an enhancement at all times.


 Priorities are set and actions are then taken. God – Family – Work is what I would suggest for proper energy flow. Then both or all beings will develop a better reality of knowing whether the others are coming from a place of love or giving a call for help and act accordingly.


 Fear of communication is an outcropping of poisonous pedagogy. When children are told or scared into keeping secrets; or just plain caught up in fear of reprisal for speaking their minds then when they mature they truly do not know the importance of good God qualified communication or they are just scared to do so. At this point how can that being develop affinity or a loving reality? Well complacency is entropy’s friend. They have to want things to be different and have the courage to make it so. When they do so their journey to enlightenment begins. The debunking of fear is the internalization of Divine love. Once one starts this process a new reality comes in incremental steps and perceptions switch to a more loving nature for themselves. For with poisonous pedagogy self love is never instilled therefore most beings end up in abusive/toxically co-dependant relationships perpetuating the cycles.


So how as light workers can we help?


 By making stands that do not enable and by being firm in a loving way we show Divine love and explain what to do. It is imperative at this point that we hold the ground for them and not do the work for them. When the hand is extended grab on with discernment and give them the needed instruction on what to do to get going and if they do not then by all means LET GO. If they do take even the smallest of steps then help pull them along with encouragement. A millimeters growth is priceless. How ever be wary of back sliding. This is the crucial time when their ego will make an effort to remain in the fear it is use to. Simply remind that all is a choice and if they are serious then choose love and if not Namaste’ and make a stand. Coddling at this point is counter productive for it tells the ego if I make a fear based decision then I will get love. How ever if the stand is made properly, and you explain how you choose not to be part of a fear based decision it will eventually cause the being to wonder, and once more hopefully wake up moving forward into love again.


 For those beings that aren’t trained who would like to help a friend in a cycle of destruction giving them this data will hopefully help get them moving.


 Light workers / therapists / professionals of any sort that turn the working class poor away for lack of funds are an anathema. Volunteer some time each week to be there for these beings and feel your own growth occur. Did Rama, Krishna, Buddha, or Isa, just to name a few ever turn any one away for lack of funds? I know it is a rhetorical question and I will answer it anyway. No they did not!


 A manner of living is more important then a standard of living.


 Spirituality with out servitude serves only to shackle one to the ego more and more.


 Once more I could write on how ever the main points have been covered and that is enough.


Love, your Jnandaji


Viewing things in perspective and then embracing them properly so as not to succumb to fear or one of its many facets is important. To have the Jnana to see through the veils and then be effected to the point of no more growth due to fear is a tragedy. To have the Jnana to see through the veils, stay centrist and help others grow is a true blessing.


You can not have a Divine outcome with out a Divine action.


So if one allows the world to put one in a state of fear or its many facets and you take action from that point / perspective how will you change the outcome? Fear based decisions lead to fear based actions which lead to fear based outcomes.


See the world for what it is. Know whom and what you truly are. Then take the actions needed for Divine change both internally and externally.


Love, your Jnandaji


What lays ahead on the journey is up to the individual and those the individual chooses to interact with. If the interaction leads to a painful experience then the individual most understand their responsibility to embrace said experience properly to stop the perpetuation of misqualified energy. If this is not done then the energy stays and grows instead of dissipating. It is the individual’s choice to do what ever is necessary in the way of love to obtain the love based results.


 Realize pain is relative and with real growth all phenomena becomes its base element of creation which is Light.


 It is our mental emotional constructs that give us the perception of what feels good or bad, or what is fear and love, or what is painful or pleasant.


 The deconstruction of our constructs is what real growth is about. Yes the heart of the artichoke needs do nothing to be the artichoke heart it just is, how ever what does it take to get to the artichoke heart. The layers of mental constructs of a mayic worldly nature that get programmed from our infancy by poisonous pedagogy need to be worked on so we do get to the heart of whom and what we are. The need do nothing is for our divine aspects which we are. I dare say a Real Buddhist or any Chela on a path does not do anything. For complacency is truly entropy’s friend.


The four main yoga’s of life which all systems are based on Divinely dictate action to get to the point whereby one has their Para-atma-experience and then truly knows with out doubt whom and what one truly is. That is when the destruction of the constructs kicks into high gear and real liberation starts.


Love, your Jnandaji







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