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  God is just. The universe is just. All injustice is due to humankind's misinterpretation or mishandling of universal law, principle, truth, and justice. Human arrogance to presuppose Divine will and providence without the being doing their first works on self is another reason for misinterpretation and mishandling of self and others. Universal, law, principle, truth, and justice is not known until thyself is ready.



  True science is not the manipulation of matter to invent or reinvent things. True science is to manipulate the fallen self back to the DIVINE, so we then manifest for the highest greatest good GOD of all.



          Truth is the substance of all existence, for everything tangible exists, therefore is truth. A rock is real, therefore is true or truth. Since the visible is made up of the invisible, even the invisible is then truth. Truth, thus being energy, since all matter is composed of energy is all encompassing. Although this world is illusory or illusion as all plains except the GOD plain of origin, we must respect and treat it as real to us while we are here learning.

  All plains of soul evolution are under the universal / law of karma, cause and effect. Therefore, if we treat it as unreal, some may take this data in an irresponsible direction by their own lack of discernment and cause that energy to resound out and resonate. Whereby others might just say "it’s all an illusion" and become dispassionate and uncaring for anything other than them.

  When the GREAT TEACHERS speak of the illusory element of this plane it is to help guide us to focus on the permanency of the Divine, or the Divine plain of origin, the highest Heavenly realm

  People who misuse truth by turning it into lies fail because everything that is true is real. Since lies are unreal, in the broad course of time they fade away into oblivion.

  However, truth stands firm and never fades.

  Truth may lose momentum in our personal lives but the minute we seek it, and, if we allow it, truth itself will help us gain what we lost and once more move us forward.




Place your hands on your heart chakra and say out loud several times slowly

"I am letting go of the past. I am letting go of the future. I am dwelling in the eternal now."

   The eternal now is a point in time that is all encompassing. When the being lives in the moment of       the eternal now, that being is living not only in the moment, but all moments simultaneously. Thus, all is available to that being for soul-evolution / growth. When a being lives in the moment, letting go of the past and future, that being develops momentum, which enables that being to dwell in the eternal now.

   Because beings can get caught up in past or future mind stuff the now which is truly eternal is lost or gets lost.

So, focus on the NOW, say the NOW out loud, be here NOW, and dwell everywhere at all times. NOW.


  MALA-5-Soul-Evolution / De-evolution:

  The Universe is God. Great God is the universe. The universe is designed for soul-evolution. We, as extensions of God, have encompassed all things. We have been the most minute and everything in between, then on up to our present form. We are the last rung on top the ladder which is a bridge, or the downfall, depending on our actions, the bridge to true mastery or ascension into the higher plains or going back down a rung or two into soul de-evolution.

  Great God the Universe set up the rules. Let us take responsibility and play by them. Inflow equals outflow. (Cause and Effect) Reap what you sow and sow what you reap. The choice is yours.



  We find what we seek, for what we seek we help create by thinking about and contemplating what we are seeking. That is why it is extremely important to seek only God. For God equals good and good equals God, and all the facets of good and God become ours as we seek God.

  God is love and has nothing to do with anything less than God or opposite of love.

  Fear is opposite of love. Hate is opposite of love. Unfortunately, in our dualistic world love has opposites. However, by focusing on and seeking the DIVINE, we as individual’s start the transmutation of dualistic thinking, thus turning duality into monality, where love or God is a constant at all times.  




MALA-7-Four in one path:

  Without Devotion and Love, without Discernment and Wisdom, without Discipline and Power, without Servitude and / or Selflessness, Soul-Evolution is like tundra trudging. Take away any of these elements and Life's journey towards the Divine gets harder. Increase any one of these elements and they all increase, thus making Soul-Evolution a more tangible path and then road to follow.



  To transcend suffering, one must transcend fear and all facets of fear. To do this one must embrace Love and all facets of Love. ALL ROADS OF LOVE LEAD TO GOD and any religion that states otherwise is steeped in dogmatic ego and control. Religion is, by design, to help human’s not only foster love, but to help point in a direction of growth towards the Wholeness, Holiness, and Oneness of ALL. 



  All religions are part of the whole, which is love; therefore the only religion that teaches the whole truth is the religion of Love. Fundamentalists and extremists exist in all religious beliefs, saying, "Ours is the only way. It says so here," while pointing to a text. People can pick and choose and believe what they want - it's a free will zone - but ask yourself this, "Does what they say or do edify Love and encompass Wholeness, Holiness, and the Oneness of all Creation?" Or does it edify ego and control?




MALA-10-Creation and Life:

  The gift of Life is Creation. Creation is the gift of Life. To further Creation we must further our Life, by doing so we further ourselves, thus growing into our dominion-ship or mastery on this plain of existence. We then further the Creator not only in ourselves but also through our Divine Creative actions whereby we manifest the substance of Love and all the facets of Love.



  To truly triumph is to Love. To truly conquer is to surrender. To truly Create we must conquer. Only then can we rebuild ourselves into the new and better beings.


MALA-12-Why enlightened souls come back here:

  I sit atop the world. I see the self-induced pain. My compassion flows out in mercy. I embody to aid. I travel and teach liberation as I embody, from time to time, nation to nation. I embody to aid. I am the voice of the wind, I am the purifier of desire, and I am thy heart's cleanser. I am you who are called and awakened. I embody to aid. I am always available yet not always seen. I am always there yet not always heard. I am always present yet not always felt, unless your path is freedom. ---I embody to aid.



Indeed, cleanliness is not just next to but is Godliness.

However, this saying doesn’t only apply to the physical. It applies to the four lower bodies as a whole, the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It also applies to the aura surrounding us. Let us each take responsibility to embrace the teachings and techniques that will clean us up a little at a time.

  Yoga is union. Let us embrace the yoga-veda teaching systems that are here for us to go, grow and glow. Let us each seek the Divine spark in all of us, and then nurture it until it grows us all out of fear into Love.



  Let us pray that as we grow in Soul Evolution that we get the parentage necessary to set us in a good direction at an early age. Let us realize that good parentage is a gift of right actions of the now. The Lords of Karma would not entrust a God-momentumed soul to heathens, likewise a heathen-momentumed soul would not be given to God-momentumed parents. There are phases of between growth that souls are matched within the confines of commonality which has bred or is breeding nothing less than or short of dysfunction. However, once the soul has pingponged, or is sick and tired enough, and humbles itself to the Divine, then growth information comes for Soul Evolution and God- momentum. Yea.



  Let us not be complacent to merely follow the Lord, but to get to know the Lord deeply and intimately so we may better understand and learn. By understanding and learning of, by, and for the Divine we internalize DIVINITY and awaken Divine concepts and knowingness within ourselves. Fearlessness is a facet of Divinity which stands for no fear at all. As we grow into Divine concepts, which are love and its many facets, we leave behind the juvenile fears.

  Trust speeds up this process, providing we use discernment along the way. Trust all until you have a reason not to, then allow that person or situation to re-earn trust again. Radical trust of the Divine really speeds up fearlessness. It’s the best place to be if you do not judge what you are going through and accept the fact that there is nothing more important than Soul Evolution.


MALA-16-Pleasing the Lord:

  I cry the tears of a repentant soul. I cry the tears of joy. I cry the tears for those who can’t. I cry for those who do not believe in cause and effect. I rejoice in my awakening. Today I make stands so tomorrow will be better. The stand I make is for self improvement, Soul Evolution, and Love. I will build on that momentum and Purity will surely follow. Then I will have and be the perfect gift for the lord.


MALA-17-Openness for growth:

  Today my feet are firmly planted in Divine Will. I sit in the position of giving and receiving, allowing Great God the Universe to give me what I need for Soul Evolution and take away what I don’t need for Soul Evolution.


MALA -18-Extensionship

Today, after contemplating cause and effect, accepting responsibilities and facing the light of the divine awakening, I am internalizing God's Loving Healing Energies. Today, in the Eternal Now, I am healing on all levels and aspects of the being I am. God's Holy vibrancy flows through me; I am one of God's Eternal Divine Manifestations. I am a child of light. I am a Son and

Daughter of God. I am a divine spiritual being. I have spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. With God’s Holy energies all things are possible. I am an extension of God. Because of that I have dominion ship

and stewardship over all energies and elements.



MALA-19-I am Love

I am affirming Love. I am loving myself to perfection. I am allowing God's Divine radiance to perfect me.



What do you think would happen if you found just one thing you would like to correct about yourself and spent 21 days doing so? Growth.



Know the Divine One is always with you. Your knowingness of this fact will only increase with your focused silence. Then and only then, will the wee small voice of Divinity grow into your consciousness; audibly revealing itself and teaching you.


MALA-22-Trials: When going through karmic trials stay focused on the Divine and Love.


MALA-23-Divine Presence: The Divine presence never fails. So I am calling on it daily for strength and most of all liberation. I awaken with each new day to the Divine knowingness and I am Loved by the Lord. We must use our force of will to conquer fear. We must all use our force of will to conquer internalized fears. We must all use our force of wills to set us on the path of Divine Love and with God's help, liberation. By calling on the Lord for help, with self-cleansing, the devotee will receive energy for such, provided that being doesn't slip back into fear,

which blocks energy.


Love enhances creation, fear blocks manifestation.


MALA-24-Call on the Lord

I call once more upon the Lord, knowing that in doing so strength will be given to me so I may withstand, learn and grow. I awaken feeling more confident and victorious, having once more embraced the Lord as a partner in battle.



Diligence needs to be a companion or fear slips back in. Diligently I stand watch with the Lord transmuting the fears with Love, as they arrive, knowing soon that fear itself will depart and never return to me. For fear itself will prove useless unto its own end, thus departing back into its own oblivion of misqualified energy.


MALA-26-Sun Sets

As the sun sets on this day I will love myself even more, knowing that only through loving myself can I truly do what is best for my Soul Evolution.



MALA-27-Bodhi Thought

I sit in the Bodhi tree of my own soul evolution releasing all that I am to the Divine.



If you do not allow the Lord to improve you, you are missing a great opportunity.


MALA-29 -Follow Loves Heart.

Follow your heart, with Love, following only Love's loving momentums. To follow your heart any other time will only lead you deeper into desire and attachments.


MALA-30-Sense Slavery

I have awakened fully to the fact that humans tend to be slaves to their senses. More often that not a little causes us to want more. We are God-beings, not sense beings. Let's stop letting our senses drive us senseless. Let us take the time to first moderate and cut out the things in our lives that have a non-divine influence. As we Pray and Meditate, as we Go, Glow and Grow, as we set our path fully on Devotion- Bhakti Yoga, then discernment, Jnana Yoga, will come into play. When that happens, with God working through us, we will be able to look around and start our own course of action to reel in and then have dominion over our senses.



God never fails. Truth never fails. Our perceived failures and/or successes are just that. When a person sets the course on the Divine, then that is exactly what happens. If we judge the circumstances afterward we are, in effect, judging God and God’s direction. Let us all set the course and trust the outcome. By trusting the outcome we, in effect, learn True Love and Grow, by not trusting we fall prey to our petty fears and shrink back into our old ways.



MALA-32 -Momentums.

I am a snowball atop the mountain of God, A snowball of light and Love. It's now time to grow so I start the fall down, gaining size and momentum as I grow, I am building on my momentums of light and Love.



Rejoice in the Love and victory, for the Lord surely blesses those who seek Divine comfort and counsel.


MALA-34- Release

It is a wonderful way to release yourself to God, not just a little, but a lot, for a lot begets you a whole lot.



I am awakening in divine clarity and insight which I am going to use to my utmost advantage. I am introspecting and resurrecting; introspecting so I can peel away the useless momentums while I resurrect the Divine way of Loving. The Divine way, or the Heavenly way, is in all of us. However if this fact was not instilled in us, or nurtured at a young age, it can become dormant and/ or lost. Thus we must resurrect our own Divinity and God's way within us. We do that by invoking choice. Choice is the only thing we truly

Own; when we have developed the introspection to see where we are and what we need to do, we become part of a solution, and not part of a problem.



Hope is a hologram. It is up to us to take hope from the hologramistic state of the mind and manifest it into reality through the use of Prayers, Decrees, Affirmations and writing it down so it starts its third-dimensional

materialization. Always leaving it up to the Divine aspect of whether or not it's for highest, greatest good God of all, for if it isn't, you'll be responsible for any forced manifestations.



It is important when we focus on Manifestation and Creation that we do it for the highest, greatest good God if all.



Oh Glowing Omnipresent Magnificence, thou are truly God, for thou care enough for us to take on human form once more to help Heal and Balance world karma. Truth surely pours out of Thyself to teach your children how to become proper adults. May all come to know and follow You. Who Loves so



MALA-39-I am

I am gaining strength, I am firmly rooted, I am expanding, I am balanced, I am God's devotee.



The Lord will always reprove with Love than exert a good quality in the being whom the Lord reproved. Providing the fact that the being has a modicum amount of humility.


MALA-41-I Am Love

Through all my faults I see the Love I am. Through all the fears and tears I see the Love I am. Through all the turmoil for my past deeds I see the Love I am. The Love I AM. I acknowledge the love I am that is the, I AM.




MALA-42-Lords of Karma

We must honor the decisions of the Lords of Karma for they are our divine parents, I will say that again. We must honor the decisions of the Lords of Karma for they are our divine parents---until we transcend this plane of existence. By honoring our situations we embrace them, thus we are able to obtain the maximum growth possible, without backsliding into fear. After all, we are ultimately responsible for our actions on how we handle life's situations. Until we perceive the big picture, who are we to judge the judges of the universe.



Let us keep our own counsel in our hearts until we are asked. And even then the best course can be one of dwelling in the great silence of light and Love. Then, only then, can we truly hear.


MALA-44- Gains and Growth

Never allow yourselves to be disillusioned, no matter were you are in your Soul Evolution. Gains can always be made. Persistency of right effort is the key. Patience is the tool.



Without daily renewal on all levels and aspects of our being we are more likely to succumb to dis-ease.


MALA-46-Self Love

Love yourself enough to do the right thing. Love yourself enough to admit your faults. Love yourself enough to repent sincerely. Love your enough so you can better love the Divine in others.


MALA-47-Letting Go

Serenity is the reward of letting go. Being able to let go is the reward of diligent Faith and Devotion.



Meditation is the receptive mode; prayer is the petitioning and/or gratitude mode. Be in both at all times and always be in the flow. Then life is meditation and meditation is life.



MALA-49 Discernment/Dominion-ship

As long as we live in the duality of this world we must invoke discernment in actions so that we can analyze where or from what part of the collective conscious energy is emanating from. For there is a collective mind of misqualified energy and a collective mind of God-qualified energy. The unbridled ego always falls prey to misqualified energy, turning its vehicle into a pawn for such. Let us not be pawns for our own demise. Let us instead invoke our dominion-ship and grow into self mastery and walk with the Saints of all time, ages, and religions to bring about the next Golden Age of Enlightenment.


MALA-50-Human God Form

The human God form is an essential reality. Divine incarnations are the only way we can be reminded whom and what we truly are. Thus as ages approach, the signify declining awareness and spiritually, the God in human form will appear, not to edify him or herself, for divinity needs nothing from us, but only out of unconditional Love of God's extensions does the avatar embody to save us from ourselves. Save us for our fallen selves. Lead us to our Divine Selves.


MALA-51-Take Care & Balance

Please, please please---take care of yourself. For no one else will. God can only lend aid to those conduits that are receptive. By balancing Devotion, Discipline, Wisdom and Servitude in you home and work will you get better.



MALA-53-Cure & Momentums

Life's fallen momentums can only be cured by the individual’s pursuit of perfection and growth through mastering spiritual disciplines. If an individual never awakens he will embody once more with similar or same

momentums. Knowing this spiritual truth to be so, what good is the death penalty? It is no good if the person hasn't changed. For you are setting that soul free to embody again with fallen momentums. No good if the person has

changed, for you are killing a repentant soul who is working on Soul Evolution, thus helping others. Only the ignorant of universal law and principle, support the death penalty. Let the karmic board be the judge of death. Let God be the judge of death. Let not us be the judge of death until we have fully awakened and stand with the other Masters who have Balanced Karma.


MALA-54-Embracing Trials

One can only hope that as beings experience trials in their lives that they embrace them properly enough to grow into the Monality of Love, away from the momentums that caused the trails to come about.



I forgive all. I love all. I am all. I let go of all. now.



Know that the only way to be satisfied enough in life is to be aware of the fact that nobody gets away with anything unjust. Allow the Lords of Karma to do their job. If you do not, you will never grow, for lack of forgiveness robs the soul of light.


MALA-57-The Lord

The unseen Lord is only unseen to those who do not want to see. The unheard Lord is only unheard to those who would not listen. The unfelt Lord is only unfelt by those who choose not to feel. When you embrace your Divine Nature

You will see, hear, and feel the Lord.


MALA-58-Highest Good

If beings, out of ignorance, choose not to do, or not do for the Highest, Greatest, Good God of all, we all suffer. For only doing and not doing for the highest benefit keeps discordant energies at bay. All other forms of doing or non-doing are ego based.



PRAY – PRAY – PRAY - for discernment and wisdom and wise domain will surely follow.


MALA-60-Cure for L.A.B.

The cure for the current situation of L.A.B. which stands for Loss, Abandonment, and Betrayal, which everybody is experiencing is found in the scriptures of all religions of this planet. Without Devotion, Discipline, Discernment and Servitude the is no Divine morality--only egoality--the

destruction of self and those around who are affected. So by not choosing to find,then be the Divine self you continue to perpetuate the L.A.B. of life.



If one allows the pendulum to continue to swing, one will miss centricity, and the outcome will be devoid of the middle path of Buddha. That is why discernment and Wisdom are needed, so one can realize the centrist approach,

also the middle way must never be used as an excuse for moderation of an inappropriate behavior or indulgences which harm the senses.



Let all God people be united in the way of enlightenment. Let all the religions of the world unify Love within themselves so they may better unite with others to harmonize our earth.



Remember, karmic recompense is always waiting. You decide the reward of your actions.



When times arise that are trying, when times arise that are difficult, when times arise that are just plane overbearing---remember disheartenment will make them harder. Place your burdens on the altar of God Consciousness and let them lay there. Do the best you can in a mind of right effort. For your good energy will surely be rewarded.


MALA-65-Non ego prayer

When contemplating prayer, it is best to first dedicate yourself to God. Accept what the highest good is. Ask for the lesson and lessons to be learned, healing rejuvenation, and regeneration on all levels and aspects of you being. Dwell on Love and gratitude and seal it up with one of the many names of God and say Amen, So be it. It is finished. Anything other than this, or this for another person, is ego based.



Blessed are the souls whose tongues do not contour like the wind, but speak firm on Loves path, not angered easily by life's situations.


MALA-67-Desire and Truth

The world is frustrating because of desire. The world is frustrating because people block Divinity by asserting their way over truth. They who do, do so only for awhile, then fail. They cause pain and harm to others only for awhile, then fall. This is the fallen nature of the world. It is up to the True Divine Seekers not to succumb to the effects of the fallen momentums, but to rise above, transcend and transmute them so at least they, and hopefully a few others, may obtain liberation every generation or so.



Without sincere repentance along with spiritual disciplines and good works, people’s fallen momentums and deeds will follow them forever.


MALA-69- Discouragement

Discouragement can only be alleviated through the renunciation of outcome. That is to say, place all outcomes in the hands of the Divine One. Place your self, situations and outcomes on the altar of divinity. Sacrifice your self daily to the Divine so the Divine may flow better in, near and around and through you. If you judge the outcome you in fact are judging the Divine, thus thwarting or slowing manifestation of your soul evolution. If however you release outcome to the Divine, you are in fact accelerating your Soul Evolution. For the Divine will always manifest for the highest, Greatest, Good God of all.


MALA-70- Jappam or Mantra Yoga.

Memorization leads to internalization which leads to knowingness. When a person takes the time to memorize a Divine statement, name, aphorism or scripture, that person is internalizing Truth in the form of Light; Light in the form of Divine Love and Information. As one internalizes that which is of, by and for the Divine, true knowingness of our self as divine comes to fruition. For those beings affected by a mental body which is incapable of this practice. The recitation of what already has been written, or the names of God will suffice, --bringing about the same outcome. This is the route of jappam or mantra yoga.



All roads of Love lead to God. All roads of fear lead away from God.


MALA-72-Divine Aspects

As on interacts, one needs to be aware of the fact that one is interacting with aspects of the Divine. Whether or not their actions are is beside the point. You must strive to reflect the Divine nature so they may be uplifted if they are in need. This is the higher path that all saints and avatars follow.



One must remember, as water can quench desire. As fire consumes all that is combustible, God can consume everything. For everything is itself the creation of the divine.


MALA-74-Holy Knowingness

Hold Holy what you are, even if you still do not know, for by this act you mature into Holy Knowingness and Divinity of being.


Mala-75-Divine Seed

If you are to know the Divine, all your acts must be of, by and for the Divine. Any act which is not will build more walls of Maya, which you will need to tear down in order to know the Divine. For, as the seed is deep in the fruit, the Divine Spark is deep within your being. Thus you must peel away to get to the seed. When the seed is found, then, only then, can it be nurtured into the tree of Divine Wisdom. This nurturing is the tending of the field of Love and its many facets, so the tree will grow strong in God Power, God Wisdom, and God Love.


MALA-76-Fiat of Creation

Grow in balance on all levels and aspects of your being. This is the fiat of creation.



When karmic recompense is disbursed on an individual, it is for the highest good of that person that we perceive them without pity of fallen modes of sympathy. Let us perceive with compassion and understanding so we may resonate, high vibration that will help, and not induce the lower order, which can thwart healing in all levels and aspects of that being.



All we truly own is our choice. God supplies the forms, the energy, the materials, the outcomes. All we have is choice. So we must learn Jnana, so we always choose correctly. Without correct choice we choose our ego's which causes harm to self and others. All our actions are the Garlands we carry around our necks for life stream to life stream.




Realize we are stewards to our bodies for everything belongs to the Divine One. Everything is on loan to us from the Divine One, even our lives, which are given to us as a vehicle to Soul Evolution. Knowing this, how can we fear loss? Only from ignorance can attachment attach itself to us. Life without knowing the True Self is a series of attachments and loss. By contemplation and knowing the Divine, loss disappears, The realization that all belongs to the Divine comes to fruition and attachment fades back into the egoic wellspring from which it emerged.



I have never seen a U-Haul truck at a funeral. Not yet anyway. Look what it did for the Ancient Egyptians.  Without understanding material possessions possess and entomb, making people slaves to Objects; instead of beings who have mastery over their senses, thus walking with the Divine One.



Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Divine One.

“The manner in which one lives is more important than the standard"

Accumulation can accumulate one into bondage. Fulfill yourself with love, fulfill yourself with the Divine. Allow the blessings to flow to and fro for your Soul Evolution. Possess the Divine wholeheartedly and all is yours. Possess the Divine half-heartedly and half is yours, it's up to you.



Let us love deeper, longer and truer ourselves, others and of course the Divine. With that deeper Love the immortal knowingness of whom and what we are comes. The longer we Love, or stay in the love state the more our fears fade away. The more we stay pure in thought, word and deed the more purity is generated in our being. Then we are the perfect gift to God.



Let Love rule, and let desire fade to oblivion. Let peace fill your being. Then contentment shall come. Decisions based on fear lead to fear based results, Decisions based on Love bring Love based results and Bliss, Contentment…



Affinity can only be gained by compassion. Compassion can be reached by understanding universal law of cause and effect, and not by letting the suffering bring you down, so you may be of better service.



A wise person does not lament over the misfortune of others. A wise person stays strong to aid and assist, so assistance can truly be rendered.



The flow of Universal Currents of Love can be misqualified by the ego. When this occurs, noticed and unnoticed disharmony rules. That is why discernment is necessary to invoke Truth, Communication, Affinity, and Repentance so purity can come, and with that Peace.



Mala-87-Gifts and Morality

Greet the gift of flower as you would greet the gift of the diamond. Whether you're being pelted with stones or pelted with flowers, stay in the monality of Love. Whether you are pelted with flowers or pelted with stones, do your best to stay in the monality of love.



If you stifle you flow of Love from yourself to others you are, in fact, killing yourself. If you increase the flow of Love through the practice of Devotion, Discernment, Discipline and Servitude, you are slowly evolving to ultimate freedom. What do you really want to do?



Remember, Choice is everything, for all else is God's.


MALA-90-Finding Source

The flow of God's creative energy is outward, from the source, which itself is God. We as Divine extensions are caught up in this outward flow; that is why we find it easy to be external and externally related, especially with our senses. Once this is understood, it is easy to understand the importance of this knowledge. For if we are parallel and symbiotic with God's outflow, as long as we flow out we can never see God except as impersonal creations containing God's personal energy which entwines all. This tells me that in order to find source, or God, we must move in the opposite direction. Thus, we can turn around and see the Divine One working in us and all things. Thus facing God; by going within.



MALA-91-Don’t Forget

Dear Lord, my God, let me keep you on my lips so I don't forget. Let me hear you in my ears so I don't forget, Let me feel you ever near me so I don't forget. Let me always see you, so I don't forget. Please be my constant thought in my mind. So I don't forget. Reveal yourself always to me so I don't forget. Please, please please, do this for me so I may obtain liberation.



Who is better to serve others than One who is Liberated?



We, as devotees of Soul Evolution need to embrace illness the same way we embrace health, death as we do life, need as we do fulfillment and hate as we do Love.



Beings are allowed to believe differently provided they Love the same.



Duality needs beliefs of the same to survive. The monality of God needs nothing to survive.



AUM is where the heart is. AUM is everywhere. AUM is everything. AUM is all. AUM is eternal. AUM sees no difference. AUM is. Where thou are, AUM is. AUM is where we allow confusion. AUM is where we allow order. AUM is a choice. AUM can be buried but never vanquished. AUM is unveiled with actions of Love. AUM is in the temple. AUM is where we create chaos. AUM is where we create order. AUM is where we choose to find it. AUM seems small to the wicked. AUM seems large to the saintly. AUM is AUM.



Impress the Lord with what you do not know. It is only then that you are open to receive the true training necessary for Soul Evolution. This is true humility.




The diamond that is most beautiful is the one that has been polished and faceted more than the others.



God is the Love, God is the one and all we Love. God is the Love, the Lover and the Beloved. Since God is all and in all devotion to the ideal can and will wipe away the idolatry of the ego.


MALA-100-Wealth and Moderation

Do not maintain a high standard of living and not share to aid those teaching a higher standard by means of a manner of living. If you pay for the ego and not the God, you dishonor the teaching. Likewise, do not preach a high manner of living and not be happy for those who obtain wealth. Have compassion for those that do, for accumulation of such, can only lead to ruin. That is why all the avatars have preached moderation of Life, in life

of the senses and by the senses. If you live immoderately the monality of Love will be missed because you will by your ways and means, veil yourself from it.


MALA-101-Awakened Soul

A fully awakened soul can live in any environment and not be swayed.



The whimsical plays of worldly passions only to serve to rust the metal one is forging. Desires, wants, needs all come to sway the God of centrist thought and moderation of activity. Be swayed not by these and grow.



Freedom springs from Truth, Wisdom, springs from Love of Truth, and selflessness springs from sacrifice to know Truth.



To reap liberation one must sow the seeds of desire deep in the soil of Yoga.



The best coffee comes from nurturing pure water with ripe beans.



To truly know the comforter, one has to let go of all situations and outcomes. Only then will there be room for the comfort of the Comforter. Only through surrender can we let go and then do. Do what you say? Love all by serving all. When you can't feel any more that's when you're the closest to God and the farthest from Ego/ At that point is when you step across the ego's threshold and through the open door leading to the Divine. Remember your selfless action pushes the door open.




Love is letting oneness voluntarily enter. Love is a substance. Love is energy.



Nature is a teacher. All things in nature are metaphors for us to understand. As we understand then we can see Great God the Universe in action teaching us the importance of universal law and principle and why we must be obedient to the laws of God. Greatest of which is love. Light is God's Love. Light is God's information.




Light is God energy in action. Light is God’s love and information, right mindedness, righteous or right use of thought.



May this book of contemplation aid you in your Soul Evolution. For as one grows, we all grow, for You and I and We are one.


Namaste` and Forever in service,


Isreom Ishov


Jnanda Moksha Brahmananda









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