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Fear / Body Identification / Are you a body?
Essential aspects of good communication:
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Why do most people prefer swimming in the delusion of the denial river instead of honestly admitting and processing egoic fears? Answers: Fear, The need to conform to fit in as a worldly automaton out of a fear of being different, Fear of taking self responsibility of self for one's own soul-evolution, Fear of true self discovery so complacency of ignorance becomes the norm, Fear of addressing issues of poisonous pedagogy that took place from birth until being left that toxic environment. Fear of facing the pain that might and can occur when rooting out toxic shame based self imagery. So what is the one word that all these answers have in common? _____. I am not a stoic being nor do I endorse a rigid lifestyle depriving one of life&'s pleasures. I do say and teach joy and enjoy, just not at the expense of your soul-evolution by egoic / worldly conformity, and to make sure one has grown enough so as one enjoys the world one knows the true enjoyer of the joy so as to be less effected by the worldly momentum so their ego does not grow in the process. This is done by realizing the Divine is the doer / enjoyer of all things and we are there with the divine witnessing and enjoying the Divine’s delight as a parent takes joy in a baby’s growth and discovery, or as a pet owners joy in watching their pet play. This can only be accomplished by developing a strong spiritual momentum by which one identifies more with the spirit that they truly are, and less and less with the lower bodies one has. Until this takes place most worldly joy increase the size of the ego thus keeping one from truly knowing whom and what one truly is; for the worldly joy helps to perpetuate body and or lower body identification. We are SPIRIT; we have mental, emotional, and physical bodies. We are Molecular flames in the heart and mind of the Divine. So what is fear? Fear is a temporal illusion of our lower bodies that stems from identifying with such. I say this because our lower bodies are temporal and not permanent; unlike the Spirit that we are as infinite.

Forever in service,

Isreom Ishov
Jnanda Moksha Brahmananda

Are you a body? Yes I ask this again.
By Now You May Know The Answer Even More So.

Especially if you have done the exercises.

Are you a body? Are you your emotions? Are you the thoughts that swirl around in the mind? Are you the job/career you have? Are you a molecular flame in the heart and mind of the Divine with a soul sphere on this plain of existence having a human experience? Do you have a choice to choose love or fear? Do you have a choice to stop the progression of creating misqualified karmic energy? Do you allow the senses to drag you to and fro? Are you the charioteer holding the reigns of the 5 senses as the five horses pull thee body chariot? Is the body chariot pulling the senses with you dragging behind?

 How one answers these questions is very important. For a person who does not know the way is like a canoe with out paddles on the current of life.

 Remember it is the ego that steals an l from the all-one creating the alone. It is up to the individual to replace the stolen l so the all-oneness is returned.

 This stolen l is Divine Love and its many facets.

 The L is found or returned when thoughts, words and actions correlate with Divine energy flow for growth.

 Exercise: Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil then number 4 rows of 27. This = 108. Then slowly in this order think the word love, speak the word love, then write the word love. Doing this exercise helps one put energy flow into better alignment so thoughts words and actions correlate. The number 108 stands for: 1 = the unity of God’s love, 0 = the wholeness, Holiness of God’s love, and the 8 = the infinity of God’s love.

 After doing this for several days you will start noticing shifts. Do not be discouraged if it is hard at first; be encouraged knowing it is aiding you in soul-evolution.

 Sincerely, your Jnandaji


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